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in Karelia since 2006»


The cube of shungite restores mental equilibrium, cleans up energy, gives confidence and encourages the device of financial well-being. Such an attribute will fit organically into the interior of a cabinet, a meeting room or a reception room.

The cube of shungite is called the "Cube of Strength" because the main feature of the product is the promotion of the owner's internal growth, the discovery and development of the best qualities and the opportunity to attract financial success.

"Cube of Power" is an excellent gift to a person who is engaged in his own business, especially at the beginning of the path. Attribute will help to cope with the difficulties of business development, quickly make the right decisions and attract good luck, which often also plays a big role in becoming an entrepreneur.

Thanks to shungite, "Cube of power" not only positively affects financial success, but also charges with positive energy, relieves the body from the harm of electromagnetic radiation, evil eye and spoilage.

Buy cubes of shungite for home and office, so that success and luck stay with you everywhere.