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in Karelia since 2006»


In addition to the warranty for the replacement of products in the event of damage during delivery, we establish the most reliable conditions to prevent this from happening – we carefully and securely pack all the goods in their entirety in the parcel.


Here is an illustrative example of product packaging:

First, we pack the item in ordinary polyethylene film.


Then comes the second, more secure and reliable layer – bubble wrap.



To prevent package from unwrapping, the edges of the bubble wrap are fastened with packing tape.


We put each apparel or pocket-sized item, e.g. a phone panel, in a zip lock bag.



To ensure greater safety, items in zip lock bags are additionally packed in bubble wrap envelopes.



At the bottom of the box there is a supporting medium made of paper.


If the products in the box are not placed tightly and securely enough, we additionally put paper inside in order to fill the gaps and protect the products.