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Eco-friendly shungite jewelry

An irreplaceable attribute of each person is jewelry. They are worn to stand out, to emphasize the uniqueness of the owner, in memory of people or events or like an amulet. jewelry made of schungite are elegant and stylish, besides they protect a person from a multitude of ailments.

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People from ancient times decorate themselves with various accessories. As decorations, everything is used – from the bones of killed animals to precious stones. Initially, however, decorations were used more as protectors to secure themselves from evil forces. Over time, the tradition of wearing accessories flowed into a way to stand out and emphasize your personality.

The jewelry from shungite organically combine ancient traditions and modern trends. Here, beauty and style are at the same time a powerful tool for maintaining the normal life of the organism and a barrier against external pests, which is an ecological technique and even people: shungite protects from electromagnetic radiation, geopathic zones, evil eye, spoilage and is an accumulator of positive energy, necessary for life support of organism.

Necklace with polished barrel beads 10x14 mm
Britany Bernhard, 19.05.2018
THANKS SHUNGITERUSSIA!!! Due to shungite necklace and pyramid I finally got rid of lack of sleep, stress and constant tiredness. Working became a joy again… met a nice young man) Great!!! Now I’ll buy something at a discount on points.

Necklace with twisted beads
K.R, 04.05.2019
I love these beads; I wear them with dresses!