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«The biggest shungite manufacturer
in Karelia since 2006»

About us

My name is Nikolay. I am the founder and owner of, one of the largest shungite companies in the world. The information about the uniqueness and curative properties of shungite can be found in detail here.

The history of my company dates back to 2006. I learnt about shungite in my childhood, and I was attracted by the idea that this unique stone can be found only in one place on Earth — in Karelia, exactly where I was born and where I live. As a student, I developed an interest in shungite in dead earnest: conducted various experiments, identifying the curative properties of the stone. It is not surprising that after the university I opened my own production of shungite products, bece all the experiments succeeded.

My company started with a small room and two employees, of whom I was one. Now, thanks to the constant development of the company, the production has expanded to a 4-storey workshop with an area of more than 1000 m2 and 30 qualified employees under my leadership. We regularly work on improving our product, conduct experiments using shungite and try to be as creative as possible.


Our customer base is expanding day by day. We have both retail and wholesale customers. Now we supply products to Europe, Asia and America. At most of the world's stone exhibitions, it is our shungite that is represented. About a dozen of 40-foot containers of shungite raw materials is supplied per year only to the United States and Korea (an order can be placed with a weight of 1 kilogram).

Our shop has a wide range of products of shungite, shungite raw materials, it is also possible to create a shungite room. It is worth noting that the products presented on our website are handmade.

The excursions to our production site and the Zazhoginskoe field have become a good tradition. The excursions are held every summer. The clients from all over the world come to Karelia, with their own eyes watching the shungite quarrying and product manufacturing. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the mineral, as well as to meet interesting people united by a common interest — the shungite.