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Tumbled stone

Stone therapy is the procedure of massage with the help of heated stones. It is very popular and effective procedure. Many SPA-centers propose it to the clients. Warm shunghit pellets improve the blood circulation, calm down the nerves, activate the work of all organs and systems, and affect the bioactive points on the body. So, it’s provided curative effect is very important.

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20 customers ordered this item
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Shunghit has a property to keep a right temperature for a long time. It is very important for using shunghit in stone therapy. The procedures with using warm shunghit pellets are very useful for treatment next diseases:

- Blood circulation didorder;

- Joints and muscles hurts;

- Insomnia;

- Headaches;

- Stress.

The special effect of the stone therapy is a good influence on nervous system and the peace of mind. A full course of stone therapy helps to get the patient out of depression. The fact is that the energy stagnation may be the reason of problems with the nervous system. Warm shunghit pellets move the streams of energy in the body. You may put some small pellets between patient’s fingers to intensify the effect of shunghit.

The effects of the warm shunghit stones reach up to 3 cm deep. It gives the healing effect for all the tissues.

The size of stones depends on the place and the kind of massage.

Tumbled stone polished 6-8 cm (2,36-3,15 inch) - 1 kg
Paul, 11.04.2019
i am 68. My wife is 65. We get into the habit of warming up with shungite pellets. It helps us a lot in relieving back pain. Thank you