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Shungite care


Our clients sometimes ask us: How should I care for my pyramid, sphere, amulet, harmonizers, etc. made of shungite?

 We decided to publish an article where we will tell you how to care for the products made of shungite that we offer on our website.


1. Shungite for infusion of water (regular, Petrovsky, elite).

First of all, after you received our shungite package and brought it home, you should rinse the shungite in running water for 10 minutes, carefully rubbing the stones with your hands. It is very important to do this in order not to pollute the infused water.


In the future, shungite requires a minimum of care — it must be washed and dried 1 time in 2 months. After 6 months of use, it is recommended to change shungite, since approximately after such a period, the pores of the stone become clogged and it becomes ineffective.


2. Jewelry made of shungite.

Shungite jewelry, such as pendants, beads, bracelets, can be used not only as unusual and exquisite accessories, but also as protective charms against the evil eye, energy vampirism, and as the sources of positive energy.

Shungite jewelry is bound to the keeper, they give maximum energy and strength to their owner, therefore we recommend that only one person wears them.

Another advice for the care of shungite jewelry is to recharge it. Over time, the power of jewelry dries out and their charge periodically needs to be accumulated. Shungite is a stone of night, cold, darkness, and femininity, it relates to the Yin energy, so it is recommended to charge shungite jewelry in the moonlight.

To do this, simply put the jewelry near the window and leave for the night. One procedure is enough for the jewelry effectiveness remain at maximum for 4-5 months.


3. Pyramids made of shungite.

In addition to the other positive effects, the pyramids have a powerful torsion field (a kind of beam that encircles the pyramid and goes into the sky). In this regard, it is not recommended placing the pyramid at a level exceeding human height, so that people around you fall under the action of the torsion field. The ideal level for placing the pyramids is up to chest level. Once in 6-8 months the pyramid can be charged with moonlight in the same way as the jewelry.


4. Harmonizers.

Shungite harmonizers are bound to one owner. We strongly recommend that only one person uses them, because otherwise the effect is minimized, and, even worse, the meditator’s energy balance may be disturbed.


5. The shungite cubes and spheres

The shungite cubes and spheres should be placed as close as possible to the places of activity. These products inspire confidence and bring good luck. There are no special recommendations for their care, so just keep them clean.


Now you know how to care for products made of shungite. The rest of the items presented on our website do not need special procedures and recommendations.


Use shungite and good luck to you!


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