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EMF protection

Plates of shungite allow you to protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiation of modern gadgets, without spending much money and energy.

Few people know that every electric appliance, is the source of the most harmful to the body electromagnetic radiation. Phones and tablets are especially dangerous, because they are located in close proximity to the body. The result of irradiation is a variety of diseases, up to cancerous tumors and nervous disorders.

By attaching the plate to the back panel of the gadget, you prevent the penetration of radiation into the body, thereby save yourself from the harmful effects.

Polished pyramid 12 cm (4,72 inch)
S. Smith, 12.11.2018
Bought two polished 12cm pyramids. Put one near computer, the second is in front of TV. Whole family noticed that started to feel better. Wife require to buy two more smaller pyramids for kitchen)) One for microwave and one to put on fridge))