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Shungite powder

Shunghit powder has the same unique properties as the stone, but because of the consistency it’s suitable for making cosmetics and also to be used in gardening.

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The powder made of shunghit stone is the best base for different cosmetics, such as masks and serum, balms and infusions for washing hair, face and body. Now you have a possibility to make natural and useful cosmetics at home. It’s really cheaper than buying it. Also you may be sure that the handmade cosmetics are natural and effective.

Shunghit powder is very effective for gardening. Using together with fertilizers would help to accelerate the growth of plants, to regulate the temperature and humidity, stabilize the mineral composition of the ground. So, the crop will increase about 40 per cent.

Shungite powder 500 µm 1 kg (20,2 inch)
Rebecca K., 25.01.2019
In my free time, I do gardening. I started using shungite powder when my favorite daffodils began to blight often. I poured powder mixed with earth, and it solved all my problems.