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Shungite for Massage

Massage is a good way to relax the muscles, to speed up recovering processes of the body, to enforce immune system. Massage with the help of shunghit enhances the massage effect. Another plus is that you can do all the procedures at home, without visiting any wellness centers.

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The treating with the help of massage has a long history. It’s known that ancient Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian used massage for treatment since 4000 before Christ.

Depending on the kind of massage it’s possible to cure diseases of:

- Cardiovascular system;


Skeleto-muscular system;

Gastrointestinal track;

Respiratory system;

Gynaecological diseases;

Urological diseases;

Metabolic disorders.

Massage is done not only by hand. Some tools are used for massaging better and affecting bioactive points on the body. The activation of these points is necessary because in this way massage affects the work of each organ and also it helps to harmonize the energetic.

Shunghit tools for massage increase the effect of massage very much due to the powerful energetic and unique curative properties of the stone. Experts say that the unique molecular structure of shunghit provides the magnificent properties.


Polished aromalamp 10x10x4 cm (3,94x3,94x1,57 inch)
Catherine Gainey, 13.03.2019
I often use an aroma lamp. My favorite mix is tangerine, rosewood, bergamot, and jasmine. This is perhaps thanks to shungite that after burning oils I have a huge surge of energy and desire to do something.