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Regular shungite for water

Shungite is a stone with a unique molecular structure and healing properties, and its age is estimated at 2 milliards years, according to experts. Infusion of water on shungite will give the body additional strength, help to cope with chronic diseases.

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The main feature of shungite and the difference from other breeds is a large proportion of carbon in the composition. In ordinary shungite, it reaches 30%, in the elite - 98%. Carbon molecules, in turn, are a unique structure that is almost never found on earth in its natural form - fullerenes.

Experts and scientists argue that the healing properties of shungite are associated with these characteristics of the stone.
Water infused with shungite is saturated with minerals and its structure is akin to the initial, until it has passed through many biological and mechanical steps of purification, because not only various harmful impurities and substances are neutralized, but the usefulness of the water itself is also lost.

Crushed shungite fot water purification 5-10 mm (0,2-0,39 inch)
Jose Luis Hisi, 25.04.2019
The water infused using shungite is just superb! I have been drinking it for half a year already. My stomach has become much better.