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Elite shungite

Elite shungite got its name for a reason. The carbon content in this stone is 98%. It is incredibly rare as much as useful.
Infusion of water on elite shungite takes an order of magnitude less time and money. Purification, mineralization and structurization on such a stone are the most effective.
Elite shungite has a powerful energy, which transmits to water during the infusion. Such water is called “charged” and carries a lot of useful identites: it activates the work of internal organs, stabilizes the nervous system, adjusts the vital processes of the body.
Elite shungite for water purification 5-15 g (0,35-0,76 oz) - (7-12 stones)
Kyle Wallace, 08.05.2019
Very beautiful stones. There is a lot of methods of efficient use of shungite products, but I use them for water infusion – it perfectly cleans water, and the smell of chlorine disappears.

Crushed elite shungite fot water purification 1-3 g (0,04-0,12 oz)
Caffee, 08.05.2019
My friend suggested that I infuse water using shungite. I heard many good things from her about this mineral. I ordered it and have no regrets. Water has a completely different taste. I have never thought that water could be tasty.