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For water

Shungite cleans water from harmful substances (heavy metals, chlorine, organic pollution), which cause various diseases and even premature aging.

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Shungite is a unique tool used for purification, structuring and mineralization of water.

Almost all treatment facilities in the world, purify water with the help of chlorine, which contributes to the formation of harmful particles – free radicals, which have a very negative impact on health. In addition, despite the various purifications, modern technologies cannot provide the consumer with ideal (or at least close to this concept) water, leaving a rather large percentage of harmful substances.

Thanks to the porous structure and unique molecular composition, shungite absorbs harmful substances like a sponge. It only takes a few hours to clean the water.

Another important feature of the infusion of water with shungite, is its structuring. This brings water closer to the state which it possesses when it descends from snowy peaks into green plains. This kind of water is considered to be the most lively and useful. The fact is that structured water promotes better assimilation of useful microelements by the body.

Shungite mineralizes water, which in the compartment with the structuring allows you to nourish the body with the necessary minerals and trace elements.


Crushed shungite fot water purification 5-10 mm (0,2-0,39 inch)
Tara R., 11.06.2018
Whole family has been infusing water water on shungite for several years. Were ordering on other website but noticed that quality of stones fell down. Decided to order on shungiterussia and chose right way. Water is very clean just great! Advise to everyone who takes care about health !!!!

Elite shungite for water purification 10-20 g (0,35-0,76 oz) - (5-10 stones)
Kyle Wallace, 08.05.2019
Very beautiful stones. There is a lot of methods of efficient use of shungite products, but I use them for water infusion – it perfectly cleans water, and the smell of chlorine disappears.

Crushed elite shungite fot water purification 1-3 g (0,04-0,12 oz)
Darianely Rondon, 01.04.2019
This is not the first time I place orders on shungiterussia. I have been happy with this company so far

Shungite sphere with quartz 5 cm (1,97 inch)
Kathleen Crowley, 08.05.2019
The parcel was delivered very quickly. Everything is intact. Quartz with shungite looks amazing.