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Shungite room

In the process of evolution, the human body acquired many immunities against various diseases and learned how to create medicines to treat these diseases. But so far, many negative effects adversely affect us, and the people have not yet invented any antibiotics against them. Instead, the nature gave the mankind a unique stone — the shungite!


According to the experts, the schungite is about 2 billion years old. During this time, it absorbed the energy of the Earth, which we can use for own benefit. The shungite has a unique molecular structure — fullerenes, it purifies the water, harmonizes the bioenergy, mental and physical condition.


The significant feature of shungite is that it is a barrier against the geopathic impact and electromagnetic radiation that surround us everywhere. We have not yet learned how to properly resist such processes. Having to resist various harmful radiation, the body often has no resources to provide the normal vital functions. Hence the neurologic problems, various chronic diseases, the depression of immune system occur. The solution to this problem is the shungite room!

The shungite room is a room where the walls and floor are decorated with shungite tiles. The purpose of this room is to isolate a person from the modern man-made harm. When the unfavorable pressure from the outside disappears, the body focuses on activating its own processes: the process of recovery and rehabilitation in case of diseases accelerates, the sleep improves, the mental and emotional condition returns to normal.

In the shungite room, it will be impossible to use a mobile phone or computer, since the walls do not allow the electromagnetic waves to pass through.

The shungite rooms become increasingly common in spa areas, because the time spending in such a room is a unique opportunity to clean the body of accumulated negative energy and improve your health.


Our company has already equipped 2 shungite rooms:


  1. Khilovo Sanatorium in the Pskov Region, Russia

  2. SPA-salon in Moscow, Russia


The shungite room equipment is the perfect way to bring your body processes to a new level!