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Unpolished shungite cube with quartz 5 cm (1,97 inch)

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All our items are hande made of healing Authentic shungite in our own karelian manufacture. We guarantee high quality and very competitive prices. Check more that 1500 positive reviews from our customers.

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Unpolished shungite cube with quartz 5 cm (1,97 inch)


Healing, Eco-friendly

Handmade of whole shungit and quartz, electroconductive

Base length: 5 cm (1,97 inch)

Weight: 0,86 lb (391 g)



Each cube of shungite and quartz is unique due to a unique pattern; two identical products cannot be found.

The uniqueness of this cube is also in the combination of materials. Shungite and quartz have a powerful healing and energy potentiality, they are complementary and promote the activation of organs, which positively affects all life processes.

The strict mathematical form of the cube symbolizes determination and confidence in any affairs. The cube brings good luck in business and in making deals, and the natural shielding force of shungite faceted in the strict form of a cube, gives the talisman the ability to attract good luck in any business and protect against any negative impact of the surrounding world.

A quartz cube is my indispensable companion in moments when doubts and anxieties overwhelm me. I placed it in the office and in the meeting room, near the fixed telephone and computer: in the places where the most tense and important events of my business are taking place. These places are considered to be the most suitable for this attribute.

In addition to the advantages listed above, the cube, thanks to shungite, protects you from harmful emissions, adjusts the surrounding energy background. Shungite is a unique stone that governs health and stabilizing mood.

A cube 5-8 cm in size will protect from EMR radiation of 2-3 electrical devices. Also, its influence will positively affect the financial activities within the premises like a working office or a not very large negotiation room. Cubes of 9-10 cm are suitable for a conference hall and in general all kinds of premises where the most important deals are concluded, this will help the owner to concentrate on the most important, will allow to reveal in full the business qualities and charisma. A small cube is perfect for location near the workplace, near the computer.


Buying a cube of power you get not a piece of stone, but reliability and confidence!


Most frequent questions: 

Question: Where can I place a cube?

Answer: The best place to place a cube is in places where volitional decisions are made, deals are concluded and important negotiations are conducted, since this attribute has a strong influence on business and financial spheres.


Question: What is the range of the cube?

Answer: A cube of small size (3-7 cm) best protects local areas near workplaces or electronic devices, larger cubes (8-10 cm) perfectly cover the whole room and restore energy balance.

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