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Making purchases on shungiterussia, you will not only get an excellent product, but also save your money!


The amount of money you pay for the delivery will be transferred to your personal account and converted into points which can be used for your next purchases. You have to register on the website:


With the bonus points you can pay up to 15% of a purchase — the higher the purchase price, the greater the discount!

1$=55 bonus points.

1€=65 bonus points.

You can see the number of bonuses in your personal account. The number of bonuses that can be written off for payment of a particular product is indicated in the product selection menu.


For example: You have purchased Unpolished pyramid 4.33 inch / 11 cm and booked delivery to the United States, Arizona. The delivery cost in this case will be $ 22.09, which means 1215 bonuses will be credited to your personal Shungiterussia account (22.09 x55 = 1215).

Now, having 1215 bonuses, you decided to make another purchase, and to get the maximum profit you ordered several useful and interesting things at once:

  • Polished shungite cube 3,93 inch/10 cm

  • Polished shungite sphere 5,91 - 6,22 inch/15 - 15,8 cm

  • Pyramid of Saccara 3,93 inch/10 cm


The system will prompt you to write off bonuses, indicate the maximum amount that can be spent and the total number of bonuses you have.

The total purchase price without a discount would be $ 139.87, but you used the points and the price was reduced to $ 132.87 (by $ 7). And if you make an order twice as much, then the discount will increase by 2 times, up to $ 14!