Deliver to: USA
«The biggest shungite manufacturer
in Karelia since 2006»


The pyramid of shungite is a combination of refinement and incredible power.

Due to the correct form, ideal processing and coloring, each pyramid is a work of art and will become an indispensable part of the interior of any orientation.

With all the charm of this product, the pyramid has an inexhaustible energy potential, which truly works wonders.

Shungite pyramid is a powerful barrier that protects against electromagnetic radiation and the influence of geopathic zones.

The torsion field emitted by the pyramid, is a powerful source of positively charged energy, which heals diseases, normalizes immune and nervous system, eliminates insomnia and headaches.

A great advantage of having a pyramid in a house, is the harmonization of the energy background, which leads to a reduction in the number of conflicts and an improvement in mutual understanding between people.

High pyramid polished 5 cm (2 inch)
Alan, 11.08.2018
Very portable. I take it to work and set it in front of my computer. I bring it back home and set it wherever I feel I need it to be to protect me from EMFs.