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Pyramid of Saccara

The torsion field generated by the Saqqara pyramid is a powerful source of energy for the five elements (earth, fire, water, wood, metal). Such energy can be both destructive and incredibly useful. Due to its material, the shungite pyramid is the source of precisely positive, good energy. The shungite stone has an extraordinary structure and composition, which makes it a truly valuable stone, contributing to the improvement of the body and the harmonization of the energy background of a person.
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The Saqqara pyramid (the Joker pyramid) is one of the oldest pyramids on earth. There are many reasons for the creation of pyramids: the construction of them by the ancient Atlantean civilization, the role of extraterrestrial intelligence, the way of humanity to communicate with civilizations from other galaxies. But in one scientists adhere to the same opinion - the pyramids are a powerful source of energy.

Pyramid of Saccara 7 cm (2,76 inch)
H.M. Dutton, 11.02.2019
My friend is a fan of various magical things. I gave her a shungite pyramid and a cat figurine for her birthday))