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Equipment for health and wellness with shunghit has been developed for speeding up the recovering processes after injures, and also for the help in therapy and prevention of chronic diseases.

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Shunghit is the unique mineral. The age of shunghit is about 2 billion years. Due to the unique structure it accumulates the positive energy. This stone is very effective in treating of joint, muscles and bones diseases.

These accessories are light weight and take up little space. You may take them to the trip or work.

The treatment with the help of shunghit accessories is very effective. You will feel better very soon, the health problems will get out, so, your life will be brighter.

Mask for the eyes with elite shungite
Mary Moehle, 05.04.2019
A great option for a deep sleep

Knee pad
Lindsey S, 11.04.2019
I went to the website to spend my bonus points, could not resist and decided to submit a review: due to improper training techniques in the fitness room, I earned arthritis of the knee joint. I got a kneecap with shungite and after a month the pain and discomfort in my knee began to wane. A good booster for massage and ointments. THANKS A MILLION!