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Meditation is the ancient practice for opening your internal capacity and new possibilities, and having peace of mind.

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The priority of meditation practice is cleaning the mind of useless thoughts, so-called “monkey thoughts”. “Monkey thoughts” are useless memories or thoughts about the future possibilities. As a rule, such thoughts carry negative within them. Thinking about the past or the future may be a reason of stress and depression, different diseases and break of relations.

The easiest way of meditation is observation. Your task is very easy: you should sit down without doing anything and observe all around you. Listen to sounds, feel the smells and moves. You try not to focus on any details and try to shift the focus easily. Remember that the life is the chain of events in the real time. All the past or future is unimportant now. At the beginning your “monkey thoughts” will disturb you and distract your attention. Don’t mind – it’s usual for the stranger in meditation.

Of course you have pleasant memories and dreams too – for example, holiday memories or planning of future new flat design. Such thoughts are certainly positive. But unfortunately many people pay attention negative moments only. We often think that we are losers, we have done something bad, we missed all the possibilities and there would be nothing more in our life.

Meditation gives a good effect against negative thoughts. Shunghit crystals for meditation enforce the effect. The result comes easier and faster.

Buy shunghit crystals for meditation and have only positive thoughts in your mind!

Polished aromalamp 10x10x4 cm (3,94x3,94x1,57 inch)
Catherine Gainey, 13.03.2019
I often use an aroma lamp. My favorite mix is tangerine, rosewood, bergamot, and jasmine. This is perhaps thanks to shungite that after burning oils I have a huge surge of energy and desire to do something.