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Shungite Polished

The shungite sphere is a powerful stabilizer and harmonizer of human energy. Due to the ideal shape, the sphere reveals and develops such qualities as wisdom, insight, intuition and many others.
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In our world everything has, or at least tries to have, the shape of a sphere - planets, stars, atoms. Like smooth lines and lack of facets at the sphere, its owner acquires the qualities inherent in the legendary sages and the powerful of this world; it allows you to look at the world in a new, more scale and bold manner.

For meditative practices, use a pair of shungite - talclorite spheres, taking one by one in your hand. With the help of meditations open the chakras and harmonize the energy, normalize the nervous system, getting rid of stress

Shungite spheres protect against the influence of electromagnetic radiation, absorb negative energy. The larger the sphere is, the greater is the radius of its action. For example, using a sphere with a diameter of 5-7 cm, can secure the workplace with a computer; power 10-15 cm of the sphere, is enough to protect the room with several electrical appliances, and a sphere 25-30 cm in diameter will work if there is a need to secure your house for example.

The texture of the surface of the shungite sphere does not affect its healing properties: glossy or matte – both have the same potential

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Set of polished spheres: 3,5,7,10 cm.
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