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Question: How can I differ natural shunghit from fake?

Answer: Natural shunghit conducts electricity. It’s easy to try: you need a bulb, a small battery and two cords. If you connect consistently the bulb and the battery with a piece of shunghit with putting the cords to shunghit, the bulb will light up. If the mineral is fake, the bulb will not light up.

Question: Is shunghit harmful?
Answer: It’s absolutely harmless, and it’s very useful. One and the main rule is to infuse the water for 24 hours, not longer.

Question: Where the elite shunghit is mined?

Answer: Nowadays it is not mined. It can be found in collectors or with local residents, who has a reserve. But it’s very rarely. But we have our own reserves of the stone – we received it from great collector. The price will be increase every month, because the reserve is limited. Catch the moment and by it now!


Question: What’s the range of pyramid’s action?

Answer: The range depends on the size of pyramid: the larger the pyramid, the stronger the action. The pyramids with the base 10 cm and less are used for small rooms and offices, they are stayed near computers and laptops for protection against their radiation. The big pyramids are used in the rooms contained 3 or more gadgets.


Question: Is it possible to use one and the same shungite item in different places?

Answer: The shungite items (for example, pyramid) create special energy field around it. So if you replace pyramid from your home to the office for example, it’s effect lowers. It means that you need to recharge your pyramid. For recharging put the pyramid under cold water thrice a day for some minutes. After that put it on the window facing west during the sunset.


Question: Where to put the pyramids?

Answer: It’s important to put shunghit pyramids near appliances and gadgets: TV, computer, laptop, refrigerator, microwave oven etc. Also you may put the pyramids in your office or conference hall.


Question: What’s the difference between polished and unpolished shungite items?

Answer: Unpolished item gets dirty easier then the polished one. Also, polished items is more stylish, it’s shining can decorate any modern room or office. Unpolished item looks more naturally, quartz patterns on it’s facets made the items unique and magic.


Question: How long may I wear my shungite jewelry?

Answer: The longer you wear it than the effect is better for you. There are no any restrictions.


Question: Can some people use one and the same set of harmonizers?

Answer: Harmonizers are in the mood with the energetic of their owner. Using cylinders by other people can reduce the energetic power.