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Energy harmonizers

Harmonizers help to improve mental balance, to get rid of stress, enter tone or vice versa, find peace at the right time. Meditative practices have been popular since time immemorial and remain so to this day because of their effectiveness and simplicity.

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Harmonizers are a universal tool for normalizing internal energy.

Meditation procedures with harmonizers are very simple: you just need to relax.

Meditative practice activates stagnant energy, attracts new positive and dissolves negative. A big plus of such changes is the normalization of the nervous system – sleep improves, depression stops, social adaptation improves and conflicts decrease.

Due to the materials from which the harmonizers are made (shungite, nephrite, talcochlorite), in addition to the energy effect, the physical condition also improves: immunity rises, all organs become active, blood circulation improves and chronic diseases are cured more quickly.

From size of the harmonizers depends the duration of meditation sessions and their effectiveness, but in any case, any pair of cylinders or balls can be taken with you wherever you go, because even large specimens take up little space and are quite light.

Polished aromalamp 10x10x4 cm (3,94x3,94x1,57 inch)
Catherine Gainey, 13.03.2019
I often use an aroma lamp. My favorite mix is tangerine, rosewood, bergamot, and jasmine. This is perhaps thanks to shungite that after burning oils I have a huge surge of energy and desire to do something.