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The egg is a symbol of life, family well-being and tranquility. Together with shungite, such a product, provides mutual understanding and warmth in relationships between household members or colleagues. In addition, the presence of a shungite egg in the room guarantees protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite egg fits perfectly into any interior, whether it's a warm home environment or a business-like interior of a study.

The product located at the workplace, normalizes the work of the nervous system, increases efficiency, helps to concentrate on the main tasks.

In connection with the widespread introduction of electronics into modern human life, the body suffers greatly from the effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation. This leads to various diseases, stress, depression and malfunctions of the immune and nervous systems. Thanks to the healing properties of shungite, the egg prevents the effect of radiation and the body does not spend unnecessary forces on recovery.

Polished shungite egg 6 - 8 - 12 cm
Bridgett, 01.01.2019
Presented an egg on a stand to my granny. She is crazy about any such things. Maybe that's why she looks 20 years younger? Hmm..