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Elite shungite

This is the most precious type of shungite that contain 98% of carbon. For past 7 years there was found only a few hundreds kg of elite shungite. So it is more rare even than an emerald. This stone has the most powerfull metaphysical energy. Also it helps to clean water even better than regular black shungite
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Elite shungite for water purification 10-20 g (0,35-0,76 oz) - (5-10 stones)
Kyle Wallace, 08.05.2019
Very beautiful stones. There is a lot of methods of efficient use of shungite products, but I use them for water infusion – it perfectly cleans water, and the smell of chlorine disappears.

Crushed elite shungite fot water purification 1-3 g (0,04-0,12 oz)
Caffee, 08.05.2019
My friend suggested that I infuse water using shungite. I heard many good things from her about this mineral. I ordered it and have no regrets. Water has a completely different taste. I have never thought that water could be tasty.

A pendant of elite shungite 10-12 g (0,35-0,42 oz)
July, 21.06.2019