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A pendant with elite shungite stone 5-6 g (0,17-0,21 oz)

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All our items are hande made of healing Authentic shungite in our own karelian manufacture. We guarantee high quality and very competitive prices. Check more that 1500 positive reviews from our customers.

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A pendant with elite shungite stone 5-6 g (0,17-0,21 oz)


Healing, Protecting, Eco-friendly;


Stone weight ≈ 5-6 g (0,17-0,21 oz)

Weight: 5-6 g


Elite shunghit is really magnificent. If you wore this jewelry, you would feel as a unique and admirable person, because the stone you wore is found in the only place in the world – in Karelia. Unfortunately, the resources of this unique stone are finished. Elite shunghit consumed the energy from space during 2 billion years like a natural accumulator. Now you have a possibility to use this energy for your health and wealth.

From the ancient time people used different amulets and talismans, such as wood beads or animals teeth. It was a kind of protection from devilry and diseases.

We choose another way to solve the problem. It’s not a mystic, just science. This is about molecular structure of shunghit and fullerens. Shunghit consumes either different pollutions of water and air or negative energy around you. Curative properties of shunghit are scientifically proved.

It can help you to deal with:

- geopathic zones influence;

- chronic disease;

- suffering from exhaustion;

- depression;

- Other people’s bad energy;

- Insomnia;

It’s known that shunghit pendants wearing protect a woman and a baby during the pregnancy. Also it helps to attract the opposite sex.

Wearing of shunghit pendant is enough to feel the magic of this unique stone.


Most frequent questions:

Question: How long may I wear my shunghit jewelry?

Answer: The longer you wear it than the effect is better for you. There are no any restrictions.

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