Deliver to: USA
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Shipping and payment information

Deliver to: USA

Shungiterussia delivers the goods worldwide as quickly as possible. Delivery time and cost depend on the destination and weight of the parcel.

Our goods are insured, and for non-delivery for any reason, we guarantee re-sending for free or refunding.

Each parcel is registered and assigned a track number, due to which you can track the parcel at any stage of delivery, unless your country does not provide the ability to track standard parcels from Russia.

Large bulk orders can be sent by ordinary post or any courier postal service you prefer. We will provide allthe necessary documentation for customs control and all possible support until you personally accept the goods. 

The standard delivery terms for parcels by Russian Post depend on weekends and holidays of the country of departure and the country of destination, possible delays at customs, various emergencies and other contingencies.

The estimated delivery term and cost are calculated automatically, depending on your location. You can see it here: This information is also indicated at checkout.

In the case of large bulk orders, we are ready to recalculate the purchase price and make it more pleasant for you; the terms of the prompt delivery may also be discussed.

Moreover, the time of any order delivery can always be shortened using the EMS service of the Russian Post.


Information about track numbers:

We provide an opportunity to track the movement of each parcel from the beginning to the end of its route. This is very easy to do, due to the track number attached to each parcel. Just enter the number on the website of the Russian Post ( When the parcel reaches your country, you can use the sites of the national postal service of your country: For the US, this is USPS (, for UK customers this is Royal Mail (, the customers from Germany can track order online at Some countries, such as Canada or Australia, do not provide information on parcels sent from Russia by regular delivery. In such cases, you can arrange the EMS delivery, and then the delivery status can be tracked throughout the entire route of the parcel.

About payment

You can pay for your purchase in one of three ways: